Appraisals from Vintage Appliances

Because of the popularity of antique vintage stoves and refrigerators you might need an appraisal of your piece to keep as a record or for insurance purposes. An appraisal gives our client an estimate so a buyer or seller has a good starting knowledge of their vintage or antique stove or refrigerator. Because of ever changing fluctuations in antique pricing your appraisal is only an estimate.

For an accurate appraisal we ask that you provide us with as much information as possible on your appliance including manufacturer, condition and time period. In order to give you the best appraisal possible this will require at least 4 detailed pictures, please use the guidelines below:

Photos submitted must include a full front view of your appliance, the inside view, view of the top burners and any damage.

Each of your items will be evaluated separately based on its rarity and overall condition. Please note that it may take 2 to 4  weeks to complete your appraisal. When complete your appraisal will be mailed to your address and an email copy is available upon request.

Stove Appraisal Form
Click here for Refrigerator Appraisal Form

Appraisals are $35.00. We accept check/money order and credit & debit payments online through PayPal.

Name of Stove
Model Number
Serial Number
Approximate Age
Description & Features
How many Ovens
How many Utility Drawers
How many Broilers
How many Burners
Does Stove have Griddle yes no
Glass Window
What is broken, missing,
 chipped, rusted or cracked
Any Additional Information
Your Name  
Email Address  

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